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‘A national treasure’ Independent ‘She’s baked her way into our hearts and hasn’t stopped since’ Prima Funny, heart-wrenching, generous and true: Nadiya shares her unforgettable memories and experiences that have shaped her roles in life and made her the woman she is today. ‘I am writing this for everyone who was told no: no, you are not rich enough; no, that is not credible; no you can’t; no, you won’t; no, you are not allowed; no, that is not appropriate. I was told, No, you do not belong. Finally, I am saying, Yes I do. ‘ Born to parents who emigrated from Bangladesh to Britain, Nadiya Hussain’s first roles were those of daughter and sister. Considering her later identities as a devout Muslim entering an arranged marriage and becoming a wife and mother herself, Nadiya questions the barriers that many women, no matter who they are or where they live, have to cross in order to be accepted or heard. Importantly, she shows us how, at the core of it all, we are essentially tackling the same issues throughout our lives despite our cultural, social and religious differences. In this wise, witty, open-hearted book, Nadiya lets us into her life with characteristic honestly, vulnerability and self-deprecating humour. Peppered with the poetry she has written since childhood, spiced with her most personal recipes and the stories they tell, she reminds us that love carries us through all that is good and bad in life. Nadiya Hussain has found her voice and it is uniquely, brilliantly hers. ‘We all have a voice. Yours might be loud and strong, or quiet yet insistent. I have always tried to use mine for the right reasons.’ DAUGHTER | SISTER | GRANDDAUGHTER | WIFE | DAUGHTER-IN-LAW | MA | EARNER | COOK | USERNAME | WOMAN.


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